A top to bottom redesign of Shop&Ship’s website, dashboard and app.

“Discover an easier global online shopping experience with Shop & Ship's shopping delivery service, offering 30 physical addresses around the world.”

High fidelity Figma designs
1 Senior UX/UI Designer
1 UX Designer
Project Manager
Senior Development Manager
Home page redesign (desktop & mobile)
Dashboard (desktop & mobile)
App Redesign
After a few years, both the website and app’s functionality and look and feel was outdated. The user experience was not as highly regarding as that of their competitors. Users did not understand how certain functionalities worked or what they were suppose to do. The look and feel was also did not match the brands overall high level of quality.
I was first tasked to start with a redesign of the app and then, based upon that, redesign the website to match as well. I came into the project halfway, and most of the UX work was already resolved here. The challenge was therefore to mostly restyle the app and ensure UX functionality was sound, and then rebuild the website from top to bottom, in order to match look and feel, as well as userflow.

App Redesign

UX | UI Refresh

App design process

The redesign of the app was done using Adobe XD. Since I arrived halfway through the UX process, We simply employed rapid prototyping methods in order to quickly deliver the final high fidelity prototype.

We spent time discuss how to upgrade certain functionalities and was able to design solutions live.

We tested the prototype quickly with the team and ensured all stakeholders were aligned.

Home page redesign
The second deliverable was the redesign of the home page. With a fresh new look, inspired by the 3D renders that the animation team put together, I restyled and reorganised the home page to feel more modern and enable for a better userflow. We built a rate calculator, build hover effects for buttons and created 3D icons to match the banners and imagery. The process here was design workshops that enabled quick turnarounds and included some onscreen design solutions to quickly find solutions that met all stakeholder’s needs.